AgriLawn AerationThis method of seeding has two steps. The first step utilizes a power core aeration machine to alleviate soil compaction and break up the hard soil surface to provide the best environment for seeds to germinate. Next, we use a broadcast spreader to distribute the seed throughout the lawn.

Watering is a very important part of the germination process and patience and attention after planting are important. Soil moisture levels must be maintained to ensure uniform germination. Newly seeded areas should be watered a minimum of once per day with a mist or light spray of water. On days with higher winds, additional watering may be required to prevent the soil surface from drying out. The soil surface should be kept moist until seedlings are approximately 1" in height. At that time, watering should become deeper and less frequent (.25" to .5" every other day).  It is important not to mow until new plants have reached at least 3" of height.