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AgriLawn's Seasonal Weed Control and Fertilization Blog

Help Combat Mosquitos and Ticks

Matt Thomas on June 04, 2015

The weather pattern this spring has really provided a favorable environment for some nuisance insects. Two notorious insects we should really prepare to battle this summer are mosquitos and ticks. Some species of mosquitos will thrive due to the wet conditions this spring and ticks also favor the moist shady conditions. With fewer opportunities to mow our lawns and trim our shrubs there is leafier vegetation benefiting ticks and mosquitos are taking full advantage of all the standing water. Because these conditions have persisted for some time these nuisance pests are already populating rapidly and will soon be bothersome to many of us and our pets.

Here are some helpful tips to help combat mosquito and tick activity around your home:


(Eliminate stagnating water potential)

  • Improve drainage to areas of lawn where water may stand
  • Remove buckets, pots, cans, wheelbarrows or any container that accumulates and retains water
  • Remove toys and keep small plastic pools empty or turned over when not in use
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean and clear of debris
  • Keep tarps used to cover boats, grills or firewood tight and secure to not collect water
  • Rinse birdbaths often and keep fresh water
  • Pools should be maintained and chlorinated at all times
  • Mow lawn regularly and keep vegetation trimmed up to reduce shade


  • Mow lawn regularly, ticks are more commonly found in taller grass that provides shade
  • Bag and remove grass clippings if too large to nestle in lawn and decompose quickly
  • Keep shrubs and vegetation trimmed up and away from the ground wherever possible to reduce shade
  • Remove leaves, brush or other debris


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