Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

The cost of lawn service is based upon the size (square footage) of the lawn areas to be treated.

When a representative of AgriLawn visits your residence, an invoice or service form will be documented accordingly and left for your reference.

No. With proper training, experience and care, a good Route Manager can achieve a thorough and consistent application without the need of a marker dye.
Yes. Your invoice will specify how long children and/or pets need to remain off of your lawn after a particular application. Because all applications require irrigation to move products down into the soil, products are only at the surface a short while. We do recommend that you follow all irrigation instructions specified on your invoice.
Rainfall will allow fertilizer and pre-emergent products to enter the soil where they will be effective. An equivalent of 1/2 to 1 inch of precipitation (rainfall or irrigation) is needed for this. When treating existing weeds we use surfactants which enable herbicides to stick to the leaf surface of weeds even during periods of light to moderate rain at the time of application.
Yes. For full effectiveness of treatments and to maximize your investment it is essential to follow the irrigation requirements specified on your invoice.
Late summer/early fall (September-October). In Oklahoma it is best to over-seed your Fescue in the fall as we head into the cooler season.
Each lawn application will have specific watering instructions. Once the lawn has been watered after a specific application, you can mow at any time. (In the event the Route Manager has specific mowing requirements pertinent to your lawn they will be specified on your invoice.)

We have 3 convenient ways for you to pay. You may pay via mail, over the phone, or on our website.