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A COVID-19 Update from AgriLawn, Inc.

It’s a new world everyday with the updates and instructions we receive to address the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation.  Being a small business, we have been fortunate to be only minimally impacted so far.  As things change, we will remain dedicated to maintaining the safety and well-being of our employees and the community we serve, and we will be proactive with our steps in doing so.  In the event our operations are forced to slow/shut down for a short time due to these circumstances, it may be reasonable to expect some delay of communication or scheduled service timing as a result.  We do hope you will extend us your patience and understanding during that time and trust that we will be eager to get back at it upon return.

Currently our operations are running as usual and we greatly look forward to being out to service our properties for each and everyone’s enjoyment this season.  Weather has been a little interruptive here this week, but hey, we’re all pretty used to that.  There will be plenty of good weather days ahead.  In the meantime we do hope to see you soon and get some much appreciated fertilization and weed control to your lawn and landscape and/or flea and tick relief to the pets.

Our thoughts, wishes and support are with all at this uncertain time and hope everyone can focus on staying safe, healthy and positive.