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Why AgriLawn Does NOT Use Dye

This is the time of year that you start to see some lawn’s having a weird blue/blue green tint randomly appear.  These lawns have just had a weed control application to help reduce future weeds later in the season.  The blue/green tint is the result of a dye being used that serves the purpose of allowing an applicator to see the results of his/her coverage with the treatment.  It also gives a home or business owner some peace of mind that something was definitely applied. 

AgriLawn, Inc.  chooses not to use a marker dye for a number of reasons:

  • It’s incredibly messy! Not only can turf dye leave spots and streaks on your house, pavement, fencing and landscaping, it can be tracked inside too by pets and people if not careful.
  • Dye is an added cost and we would prefer to spend that money on products that directly benefit the turf.
  • With proper training, experience and care, a good technician can achieve a thorough and consistent application without the need for a marker dye. AgriLawn offers the best technicians in the business.

With or without a marker dye being used the results of any given treatment are visual.  You will either see weeds dying and not re-emerging within the seasonal timeline or you won’t.  Same with fertilization, the lawn responds and greens up or it doesn’t.

Regardless of what is being applied; proper technique, thoroughness and care, will ultimately determine the success of an application. Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and considerate. We take pride in our work and expect the best results. If an application fails to provide satisfactory results, give us a call within 30 days, and we’ll be out to address any concerns accordingly.