Lawn Care

Lawn Care

AgriLawn's professional services are designed to control problems that you currently have as well as prevent problems from occurring.
  • Fall Hydroseeding
  • Weed Control
  • Spring Aeration on Bermuda, Fall Aeration on Fescue

Lawn Care Program – Timely weed control and fertilization applications to minimize weeds and keep your lawn healthy and growing.

Lawn Aeration - Aeration helps to cut down on thatch buildup, alleviates soil compaction and root stress and provides a better growing environment for your turf. Aerating is one of the most important cultural practices and should be considered annually.

Lawn Aeration with Broadcast Seeding - Aeration prior to over-seeding will increase germination rates of your annual fall seeding.

Hydro-seeding - Hydro-seeding involves spraying a slurry mixture of seed, starter fertilizer, cellulose mulch and water. It is effective for both over-seeding existing turf and/or establishment of turf in bare ground areas. Hydro-seeding will provide better germination rates of seed as opposed to simply broadcasting the seed alone.

Grub Preventative and/or Control- Depending on the time of year we can recommend preventative or curative grub control.

Soil Testing – Soil cores are analyzed to define any corrective actions needed to adjust soil pH to an optimum level.

Sulfur or Lime Treatment – Sulfur or Lime treatments are used to adjust your soils pH ensuring maximum performance of your lawn. They are done after a soil test to ensure pH is adjusted correctly.

Organic Soil Amendments - Organic Soil Amendments feed the soil, helps soil retain moisture and alleviates root stress. Two to four annual applications are optimal.
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