Lawn Care and Supplemental Services Offered By AgriLawn

Lawn Care and Supplemental Services Offered By AgriLawn

AgriLawn's professional services are designed to control problems that you currently have as well as prevent problems from occurring.
  • Fall Hydroseeding
  • Weed Control
  • Spring Aeration on Bermuda, Fall Aeration on Fescue

Lawn Care Program – Timely weed control and fertilization applications to minimize weeds and keep your lawn healthy and growing.

Lawn Aeration - Aeration helps to cut down on thatch buildup, alleviates soil compaction and root stress and provides a better growing environment for your turf. Aerating is one of the most important cultural practices and should be considered annually.

Lawn Aeration with Broadcast Seeding - Aeration prior to over-seeding will increase germination rates of your annual fall seeding.

Hydro-seeding - Hydro-seeding involves spraying a slurry mixture of seed, starter fertilizer, cellulose mulch and water. It is effective for both over-seeding existing turf and/or establishment of turf in bare ground areas. Hydro-seeding will provide better germination rates of seed as opposed to simply broadcasting the seed alone.

Grub Preventative and/or Control- Depending on the time of year we can recommend preventative or curative grub control.

Soil Testing – Soil cores are analyzed to define any corrective actions needed to adjust soil pH to an optimum level.

Sulfur or Lime Treatment – Sulfur or Lime treatments are used to adjust your soils pH ensuring maximum performance of your lawn. They are done after a soil test to ensure pH is adjusted correctly.

Organic Soil Amendments - Organic Soil Amendments feed the soil, helps soil retain moisture and alleviates root stress. Two to four annual applications are optimal.
  • Greater OKC Chamber
  • BBB
  • NALP
  • International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals
  • GreenCare for Troops