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Spring Weed Explosion Still to Come

Where are the weeds!? Approaching only 30 days left before the official start of spring (March 20th) and while we are seeing increasing early spring weed activity each week we have yet to see the typical weed explosion we usually experience this time of year. The biggest reason for this is the current lack of soil moisture

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Help Combat Mosquitos and Ticks

The weather pattern this spring has really provided a favorable environment for some nuisance insects. Two notorious insects we should really prepare to battle this summer are mosquitos and ticks. Some species of mosquitos will thrive due to the wet conditions this spring and ticks also favor the moist shady conditions. With fewer opportunities to mow our lawns and trim our shrubs there is leafier vegetation benefiting ticks and mosquitos are taking full advantage of all the standing water. Because these conditions have persisted for some time these nuisance pests are already populating rapidly and will soon be bothersome to many of us and our pets.

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Those Annoying Pests!

Now that the grass is vigorously growing our pets are busy scratching and biting themselves as usual at this time of year. It drives me crazy just hearing the scratching, biting, licking and snorting I imagine the pets are miserable. Chances are that if your beloved canines and/or felines are not allergic to grass they are itching from annoying pests like fleas and ticks.

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Mosquito Solution

With all the recent rainfall, nearly double our normal year-to-date average, mosquitoes will soon be on the rise. To help reduce mosquito activity it is very important to eliminate bodies of standing or stagnant water on or close to the home or structure.

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