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Mowing season is upon us!

AgriLawn’s Seasonal Weed Control and Fertilization Blog

Mowing season is upon us! How can I make sure that my lawn mower is ready for the season? Here are some suggestions to help get your mower up and running and to limit the chance of breakdowns or damage to your lawn.

The Visual Inspection

The first thing that needs to be done is a visual inspection of the lawn mower. You need to check the tires, the belts, the blades and all of the bolts on the mower. If there is anything loose, tighten it. If there is anything that needs to be replaced, now is the time to replace it. Also make sure that there isn’t any debris in the undercarriage of the mower.

Check the Fuel

Hopefully last fall you drained the fuel from the tank. However, if there is fuel in the tank, then you need to discard it immediately. Fuel that is older than 30 days can gunk up your carburetor and will destroy your mower faster than just about anything else.

Check the Oil

Most people know that they need to keep the oil in their mowers up to their proper levels, but not many people know that the oil in the mower should be changed before the beginning of every season. If your oil needs to be changed, it is a pretty simple process. Simply locate the oil drain plug, remove it and drain your oil. After you’ve done that, then replace the drain plug and place the recommended oil into your mower.

Check and Replace the Air Filter

The air filter should be replaced at the start of each season. Whether it looks like it needs it or not. Not replacing it can result in damage to your mower, or at the very least, reduced fuel efficiency.

Sharpen Blades

Sharpen blades at least twice a season. Doing so will ensure that your mower cuts the grass evenly. If blades become chipped or damaged, consider replacing them.

Lubricate the Mower

All moving parts on your mower should be lubricated to ensure that they remain in good working condition. This includes the wheels and wheel bearings.

Following these practices will limit problems with your mower during the mowing season and keep your lawn healthy.