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Need your Fescue seeded this Fall?

AgriLawn’s Seasonal Weed Control and Fertilization Blog

If you need help getting this chore done this year give us a call.  Late summer / early fall is the best time to seed the cool-season grasses (fescue, perennial rye) here in Oklahoma.  Seeding now allows healthy maturation of these grasses before becoming overwhelmed with spring and summer heat.  Really, this is why we over-seed to begin with – to replenish fescue stands that become thin as the summer heat and other stresses wear them down.  Here are three fescue seeding options to consider:

Broadcast seeding – we’ll over-seed a blue tag certified fescue blend at approximately 8 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. over the fescue areas of the lawn.

Aeration/Broadcast seeding – aeration before broadcast seeding will relieve compaction and loosen the soil.  This will enhance the overall germination rate of the seed and provide a more favorable growing condition for the young roots of seedlings.

Hydro-seeding – provides the best overall germination rates of seed.  Hydro-seeding involves using a special machine to mix seed, cellulose mulch, fertilizer, plant growth regulator and water into a slurry mixture that is sprayed onto the lawn.  The slurry mixture offers protection from birds and from seed moving on sloped areas.  The fertilizer and plant growth regulator really increase the plant health of the young fescue after germination.  Established fescue also benefits greatly from this over-seeding method.  An aeration before Hydro-seeding is beneficial in many cases as well

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