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Spring Weed Explosion Still to Come

Where are the weeds!? Approaching only 30 days left before the official start of spring (March 20th) and while we are seeing increasing early spring weed activity each week we have yet to see the typical weed explosion we usually experience this time of year. The biggest reason for this is the current lack of soil moisture. Even though we’re experiencing above average temperatures this winter we have below normal precipitation and weeds need an adequate supply of moisture to germinate and grow. It won’t be long though, before we receive some much needed rainfall and the typical spring explosion of weeds ensues. AgriLawn customers will rest easy knowing their lawns are well taken care of. The pre-spring lawn application has more than prepared these lawns for the weed onslaught to come and the Spring application, coming up next, will extend beneficial weed control well into the summer months.Better yet, the turf is in favorable position to bounce out of this winter with vigor and exploit, hopefully, some fortuitous spring weather ahead.

Be sure to water in the Spring application (0.5 to 1.0 inch) within a week to 10 days if rainfall is not to occur in that time. During the winter it’s a good practice to irrigate every couple of weeks when temperatures allow, especially when we have below normal precipitation (as we do now) as turfgrass roots are still in need of water.

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