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Still Plenty of Time to Aerate!

If you’re still on the fence over whether or not to aerate the lawn this year there is still plenty of time, should you decide to get that done.  In fact, May to July is the best time to aerate your Bermuda and Zoysia grasses, when they are actively growing and can recover rapidly.  It is best to aerate your Fescue in the fall towards its growing season.  The primary purpose of core aeration is simply to loosen the soil, and the benefits can be tremendous for lawns.  By alleviating areas of soil compaction, fine, young turfgrass roots can grow more freely.  Air, water and nutrients in the soil will also move more freely.  It all sets up for a happier, healthier turf.

Tips for a good aeration:        

  • Mark in-ground sprinkler heads to avoid damage
  • Remove obstacles and debris (rocks, sticks, etc.)  
  • Use a hollow tine machine instead of the spike or solid tine
  • Aerate when adequate soil moisture to ensure good plug depth
  • Aerate in two directions or overlap passes to achieve more holes per sq. ft.
  • Leave soil cores on the lawn to break down (do not remove)
  • Properly irrigate regularly afterward to ensure speedy recovery 
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