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The Great State and People of Oklahoma!

AgriLawn’s Seasonal Weed Control and Fertilization Blog

The people of Oklahoma are no strangers to adversity. We see every kind of weather from hot to cold; from droughts & winds that bring wild fires to flooding; and of course don’t forget tornadoes! Over the last few years, we have even started experiencing earthquakes! In addition to natural disasters, we’ve also experienced our share of tragic accidents and terrorism. 

In each of these tragic situations you will also see kindness and great compassion. Oklahomans are always ready to lend a helping hand to others in need. This is often referred to as the Oklahoma Standard. I know that this is actually human nature and happens all over the world, but what is different about Oklahoma is just how proud we are to be this way. We feel great pride taking care of our friends, neighbors and even strangers who are in need. 

We are loyal to our communities, our state and our country. We are the heartland and I’m proud to call Oklahoma my home. AgriLawn is an Oklahoma Company, born and bred! We are thankful to service Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities and we are proud to call the people of Oklahoma our neighbors!