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Time to Winterize Your Lawn

AgriLawn’s Seasonal Weed Control and Fertilization Blog

Winterizing the lawn is all about preparing it for the cold months ahead and is an important last step each season. Even though everything slows down near and above the soil surface there’s still plenty going on underneath the soil.  Providing the lawn with a late season shot of potassium benefits it greatly.   Potassium helps plant cell walls to thicken and harden as well as increases root development and water uptake.  These are helpful features in withstanding the cold and will allow the lawn to wake up in spring under better health.

Be sure to provide the lawn water during the winter.  You may not be able to water the lawn weekly or even every other week due to temperatures but do try to take advantage of the milder stretches of weather.  Lawns are often neglected of water during the winter months and if the season is dry the lawn is susceptible to areas of winter kill.