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When Can I Start Mowing the Bermuda Grass?

With the fair weather there has been opportunity to get out and start the early season yard work.  You’ve probably noticed many homes and businesses having done some selective pruning/cutting of landscape plants, leaf removal and perhaps even mowing already.  If you’re itching to get out there and mow and clean the yard up, have at it!  I would simply advise not to go too low with the mowing yet. You’re not hurting the lawn waiting a few more weeks either.  One concern with mowing this time of year is mowing it down low (scalp as some will refer) too early.  The right time to do this is different each year, depending on the weather and temperatures, but the safest time to mow it low and remove the old turf canopy is when the worst of winter is over and any chance of freezing temperatures is long gone.  

Perhaps this year, that is currently the case, there is no freeze ahead of us and it’s now safe to mow it down as low as you want.  But most years we experience freezing temperatures into mid and late March and sometimes early April.  So be tuned to the weather each spring to know when you can safely take it down low.

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